XYTECH Reporting

A Xytech perform micro-solution

Unlock the power of your data

Xytech Reporting unlocks your organisation’s data with stand-alone solutions to query, analyse and report data not otherwise accessible to users.  The solution creates a unified data platform from multiple data sources enabling users to create powerful analysis and reporting outputs.

Too often users rely on work-around reporting solutions and spreadsheet extracts that are time-consuming to prepare, lack the scalability needed to handle growing data volumes, and cannot evidence the data integrity needed to support decision making. 

Xytech Reporting is delivered as an out-of-the-box reporting solution for companies and functions that have transactional or operational systems with no reporting layer, or for teams with a specific reporting requirement such as marketing analysis or audit and compliance teams requiring continuous data monitoring not available through existing warehouse and reporting platforms.

The power of the solution is in how data is integrated, prepared and structured to provide users with a stable and flexible platform on which they can build feature-rich and powerful reports that retain a full audit trail and control transparency. 

Xytech Reporting is delivered as a stand-alone SaaS or installed micro-solution or as part of the Xytech Perform Finance Platform.

Xytech Source loads system and ad hoc data, using dynamic mapping to simplify data integration

Xytech Core provides a scalable data platform that enables the structuring, storage and processing of data

Xytech Report delivers a full reporting suite including dashboards, reports, and analytical tools, with full transaction drill through

  • Xytech Reporting is a data lake solution with rapid deployment and enterprise scalability

  • The metadata configuration manager simplifies integration with existing systems to feed input data sets from multiple sources, supporting real-time and batch data loads

  • Ability to process large data volumes to create a homogeneous data platform for multiple teams to access

  • Xytech Reporting is able to run granular query and analysis routines, generate machine learning models, or produce deep AI-driven analysis

  • The system enables data scientists to build, test and deploy models

  • Xytech Reporting provides end-to-end data lineage and auditability of data as standard

  • Modular solution that integrates with enterprise applications including Excel and Power BI, or other installed data reporting and dashboard tools

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