Xytech Perform Finance Platform

Our Xytech Perform solutions for Finance deliver easy to use applications that automate, simplify and digitalise finance and reporting processes.
With its low code integration the platform provides an infinitely scalable and flexible modular solution that readily integrates with existing IT architectures and operational processes.
Xytech solutions provide Finance teams with a single processing and reporting engine that integrates with the existing ERP system or general ledger to automate, process and report your financial position in real-time.  Industry specific rules and calculations are enabled through the Xytech Calculate module.

The Xytech Modular Finance Solution

Xytech Source

Xytech Source is the integration and ELT processor that maintains the timely and quality data flow from source systems (billing and collections, procurement, external data, ad hoc feeds) into Xytec Core data platform.

Key features:

  • Delta engine to manage transaction history and reporting periods
  • Data integrity and validation
    Structured and unstructured data
    Technology agnostic

Xytech Core

Xytech Core is the scalable and cloud-enabled data platform that enables the structuring, storage and processing of data.

Key features:

  • Orchestration engine
  • Data reconciliation
  • Near real-time data refresh
  • Meta data management
  • Version control

Xytech Calculate

Xytech Calculate manages the complex and large-scale calculations needed by Operational and Finance Reporting Teams to prepare data for posting to the ledger or reporting tools. This engine replaces complex spreadsheets and manual processes with the consistent and efficient processing of calculations, including reclassification, allocations, FX translations, forecasting and consolidation. The calculation engine enables the seamless integration of forecast and actual processes.

Key features:

  • User configuration
  • Rules manager
  • Adjustment manager
  • Modelling, forecasting and actuals

Xytech Reconcile

Xytech Reconcile embeds data validation and reconciliation across the data lifecycle. 

Key features:

  • Eliminate the need for periodic manual reconciliation processes
  • Real-time data reconciliation with automated exception handling
  • Reconciliation status dashboards
  • Full audit trail and control transparency
  • Full integration with existing reconciliation sign-off tools

Xytech Allocate

Xytech Allocate enables Finance teams to understand the true cost to the business of products, service lines, channels, customers, suppliers, and teams at a disaggregated and consolidated level, and allows them to analyse the outcomes of allocation decisions to better understand business profitability, and inform real-time decisions. Finance can dynamically apply allocation and reclassification rules across large data sets, and to schedule process runs or run models at the click of a button, and supports modelling and what-if analysis to help determine optimal allocation models


  • Full audit trail and control transparency
  • Powerful process engine to deliver near real-time results, including running multiple comparison scenarios

Xytech Consolidate

Automate consolidation to streamline the group close process.

Xytech Consolidate delivers

  • Consolidation of budget and forecasting as well as actuals
  • A single reporting view at function, team, product, entity and consolidated level


  • Configurable to work with your data and reporting structures
  • Simple to use rule manager interface
  • User management and configuration of allocation rules
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Foreign currency translations
  • Reconciliation and control reports
  • Reporting at disaggregated and consolidated level

Xytech Report

Xytech Report provides a full reporting suite including dashboards, reports, analytical tools, and full transaction drill through, as well as integration with existing in-house or third party reporting tools.

Key features:

  • Management reporting and dashboards
  • Drill through dashboards and data visualisation
  • Data mapping
    Process status dashboards

Xytech Comply

Xytech Comply enables auditable data outputs for customers, suppliers and regulators.

Key features:

  • Data mapping and integration
  • Drill through dashboards and data visualisation
  • Full data lineage and version control between source data and reporting
  • Data feeds connecting with external stakeholders

Xytech Post

Xytech Post provides a fully configurable and controlled double-entry journal entry engine that integrates to any general ledger system, with auto-reconciliation between the ledger and source data.

Key features:

  • Data aggregation
  • Posting status dashboard
  • Ledger integration and reconciliation

Xytech Test

Xytech Test embeds scalable, automated and fully integrated testing into data platforms to provide data managers, process owners, and auditors with assurance that systems are delivering timely, complete and accurate outputs.

Key features:

  • Automated regression testing to support the needs of continuous integration and deployment of code
  • Testing integration to remove bottlenecks and testing inconsistencies
  • Testing embedded in SDLC and production as standard

The Xytech Perform Finance Solution

Xytech Perform for Insurance

The Xytech Perform solution for Insurance integrates with underwriting, claims, and actuarial systems; and the Xytech Calculate module delivers out-of the-box premium earnings, ceded premium, loss calculations, and FX translations.

Because of the way that Xytech Core integrates and structures data, the solution supports the delivery of industry-specific outputs, including Bordereau and reporting aligned to Lloyd’s, GAAP, IFRS, and Solvency II requirements.

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