(Teams as a Service) for Microsoft Data Technology specialists

Xyenta’s Microsoft-specific Teams as a Service supports companies using the Microsoft technology stack by augmenting in-house teams with Microsoft certified data technology professionals.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner we provide Microsoft specialist resources to meet immediate and long term capability requirements according to specific user-needs. Examples of our Microsoft-specific XyTaaS deliveries:


Business challenge: Recognising the limitations and growing cost of managing a traditional on-premises data warehouse, the business identified the need to transform their architecture to handle both structured and unstructured data with the required processing power and scalability.

Solution: Our Cloud Architect led a cloud transformation team to move the on-premises Data Warehouse from a traditional Microsoft BI stack to a Microsoft and Databricks Cloud architecture, including process transformation, health monitoring and cloud spend optimisation.


Business challenge: Company policy requires employees to allocate their corporate credit card expenses within a defined period. The Expenses team lost significant time in manually collating policy exceptions and sending individual reminder emails to employees.

Solution: Xyenta was asked to automate this process using Microsoft Power Platform because of its quick turnaround time. The tool connects to the expense system and automatically sends individual reminder emails that are logged in the Microsoft Teams channel for audit and reference purposes. An integrated Power BI report provides trend and behaviour analysis.


Business challenge: The existing reporting solution was cumbersome to maintain with any upstream data change requiring a re-write of the suite of reports managed by multiple independent report creators.

Solution: At the start of our engagement we undertook a solution design review and identified the steps needed to optimise reporting suite management. By embedding report building standards and moving to a common, integrated reporting data platform we were able to quickly help the client build a flexible and scalable reporting solution.

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