2021 – The Year Ahead

We hope your 2021 has started well, despite the current restrictions imposed on us all, and wish everyone a successful and collaborative year ahead. We are excited about the future and have many developments we will be sharing over coming weeks. We will continue to prioritise investment in market leading and emerging technologies, including AI […]

Should you be demanding more from your technology partners?

With data volumes increasing exponentially and regulatory reporting requirements becoming ever more complex, Finance functions are demanding more from their technology partners to support the delivery of their reporting processes. The complexity of both the data and the accounting rules in the Lloyd’s Market make data preparation a significant bottleneck in financial reporting.  This puts […]

Upstart technologies

Sport provides an interesting lens through which to view different business challenges, and professional cycling provides fascinating parallels for the current IT landscape. All cyclists belong to a paymaster team, but it is out on the road during cycling’s grand tours that the true teams of professional cycling are to be found.  The cyclists on […]

Best Practice Data Visualisation

The foundation of DV is the delivery and use of bespoke information by the end-user. Simple statement, but given the tsunami of structured and unstructured data that is collected, and flows between multiple devices and individuals and organisations, data management systems only permit a narrow view of the available data, diluting competitive advantage and value-add […]

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