Enterprise analytics: beyond data visualisation

Data visualisation has been commoditised by the shift in the data analytics market as technology now enables the provision of self-service toolsets that incorporate augmented analysis and natural language queries. 

Augmented analysis provides users with insights into their data by providing the answers to questions that they did not know they needed to ask. Machine learning techniques automatically generate and publish insights for the end user, allowing them to focus on delivering high value outputs rather than crafting data queries. 

The query experience is further enhanced by natural language queries (NLQ) that enable non-technical users to have access to data relevant to their role.

These two features have finally put true analytical power in the hands of the business user. Anyone who understands human communication now has access to powerful insights that were previously owned by technical data analysts. 

Significant advances in technology are now being integrated into business user applications and the analytics landscape has shifted significantly as a result. Analytics now delivers easily understood, human intelligible insight that readily informs the corporate storytelling narrative.


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