Data Analytics
and Visualisation

Business challenge

Users can be frustrated when their reporting and analysis tools do not give them the analysis and insight they need:

  • Users spending more time preparing than analysing data
  • Users have limited stand-alone query, analysis reporting tools that do not readily integrate with enterprise data platform
  • Reports fail if upstream data changes
  • Data is managed in silos and different views do not reconcile
  • Reports are static with limited analytic capability (drill through to transactions, etc.)

What we do

  • We help companies build scalable real-time reporting solutions that deliver current and future business requirements
  • We provide a governance structure to enable you to define, build, and manage reporting platform
  • We build solutions that integrate multiple data sources across different platforms in the company (cloud, legacy, etc.) to drive valuable insights, analysis and actionable outcomes

Case study

Business challenge

The existing reporting solution was cumbersome to maintain with any upstream data change requiring a re-write of the suite of reports managed by multiple independent report creators.



At the start of our engagement we undertook a solution design review and identified the steps needed to optimise reporting suite management.

By embedding report building standards and moving to a common, integrated reporting data platform we were able to quickly help the client achieve a flexible and scalable reporting solution.

As a data technology company, we consider both the data architecture and how the business wants to use its data.  Our approach provides a necessary foundation for building an effective reporting capability.

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