Cloud Data

Business challenge

Traditional data architectures create a number of business challenges:

  • Solutions do not scale
  • Inadequate processing power
  • High cost of in-house infrastructure
  • Cannot handle structured and unstructured data
  • Not adaptable to changing business requirements
  • Users cannot access the data in the format and timeline they demand
  • Multiple ad hoc solutions and data silos

What we do

We provide a full range of services to support your integration of cloud technology into your data platform and modern data architecture

  • Our architects act as a sounding board to help you define your cloud architecture
  • We deliver cloud solution design and implementation 
  • We provide ongoing support services including user support, data desk management (maintaining system configuration with user requirements), and system support (including CloudOps and application maintenance)

Case study 1

Cloud transformation project

Business challenge

Recognising the limitations and growing cost of managing a traditional on-premises data warehouse, the business identified the need to transform their architecture to handle both structured and unstructured data with the required processing power and scalability.



Our Cloud Architect led a cloud transformation team to move on-premises MI Data Warehouse from a traditional Microsoft BI stack to a Cloud architecture, including Microsoft and Databricks technology, using Terraform for health monitoring and cloud spend optimisation.

Case study 2

Data architecture advisory

Business challenge

Having shaped the strategy to achieve their future-state data architecture, the business requested our assistance to resolve a number of technical challenges across different aspects of the data architecture.



We were engaged as a consultant to the client’s Architecture team to advise them on the development of their modern data architecture. By combining our experience of Cloud and Kafka technologies, together with data models for digital enterprises, we were able to help the client resolve multiple technical challenges with the architecture, design and deployment of their target platform, including proof of concepts to validate system design.

The solution

Companies need to align data architecture to modern data architectures that are driving their business operations:

  • Breakdown data silos
  • Optimise data processing to ensure it meets business demands in the most efficient and cost effective way
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with modular and futureproof design
  • ML and AI are enabled by the solution
  • Handle growing data volumes without impacting performance
  • Hybrid architecture that meets current and future business requirements based on an understanding of business requirements, business strategy and technology enablers

Solution considerations that we help you with

  • Data strategy aligned to your business strategy
  • Data literacy – how ready are your users to contribute to your data journey
  • Processes – what value do you need to drive from the cloud data technology, and how will the data be used
  • Technology – understand the technology options and the implications, and how it integrates to your enterprise modern data architecture
  • Build – partner with a data technology that understands your data and what you need to use it for

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